Mr Fixit – 360° woman’s POV


VR Bangers have come out with a woman’s POV VR porn film featuring Seth Gamble. This sex fantasy where you play the part of a hot and horny Hollywood housewife getting a good fucking from a sexed up repairman put you firmly in the woman’s point of view.

Picture yourself, sweltering in the hundred degrees California heat when your aircon breaks down. When you book an A/C repairman to come and fix your broken AC unit, he ends up fixing a whole lot more when he sees your naked body and big tits lying on your bed. When sizzling Seth Gamble comes to pick up his payment, he decides to pick up you instead.

This hot and steamy porn film allows you to play the part of a bored, sex hungry housewife who hires a sexy repairman who does a lot more than fix your aircon. Seth starts off by doing a spot of pussy licking on your trim but hairy pussy, just to get you going, then toe sucking in the sweltering heat to really get you purring under his expert care. Then imagine this naughty repairman pounding your juicy hairy pussy, while your big tits bounce as he screws you hard in the missionary position.


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Date: October 7, 2016
Pornstars: Seth Gamble