One last bang before the wedding


This POV VR Porn film from VR Bangers starts with a very naughty but nice concept. Picture your wedding day, and you are hiding in the bridal suite with a fit of pre-nuptial nerves, you really need something to chill you out. Luckily for you relief is going to cum soon in the form of two very hot bridesmaids, who have been sent by your future wife to see what you are doing. As the gorgeous blonde and brunette bridesmaids come into the bedroom and see you lying on the bed, they start to giggle and confess to you that they have both had a crush on you for ages and want to give you one last bang before your wedding.

So what are you going to do when two superhot women start kissing each other and stripping off their clothes in front of you- join in of course, you aren’t married yet! This F/F/M porn film featuring the delectable Riley Reed and Mia Malkova is sure to get you off, as it puts you firmly in the seat of the bridegroom, lying back, letting two sexy women take care of every erotic need. Imagine how hard you are gonna get watching your naughty bridesmaids get down to some pussy licking action right before your eyes, before they start to suck your cock, one playing with your balls, and the other running her tongue up and down your thick shaft.

And you will practically feel every thrust as both girls fuck you in the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl position making this an extremely hardcore porn film where you are at the centre of a steamily hot threesome. And just as you cannot take any more and feel the pressure building up in your balls, the two pornstars take you onto their mouths, giving you the best blowjob ever for the ultimate wedding present. One last bang before the wedding is yet another VR Porn film to add to the collection of cum classics form VR Bangers.


Date: September 19, 2016